W'revald "Revel" Tia

Hunter | Tracker | Outlaw

A vagabond who has known struggle and hardship since his birth, which in turn has made him into the man he is today: an individual who holds little care for anything save his want for coin, and his need for answers , by any means necessary.

Discord: d0vahk1n#1502
IG: W'revald Tia

Race: Miqote/Seeker of the Sun
Height: 5’9
Age: Early-Mid Twenties
Build: Lean-Muscular
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Topaz
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Occupation: Tracker/Bounty Hunter/Outlaw
Likes: Hunting, Camping, Fishing, Drinking
Dislikes: Cities, Crowds, Nobles, Religion

Revel possesses most of the looks derived from his kin, examples being his tail and other feline features, though he stands a bit taller than the average Mi’qote, and his eyes and ears have a slight sharpness to them. He keeps himself in above average physical condition with a slender, yet nonetheless muscular form, tempered by years of fighting and training. On his body rest a multitude of scars given to him throughout his life, with some being small, others almost fatal; the most prominent of these are two: one being a large set of teeth marks made from the bite of a wild beast along his right shoulder, and the other on the left side of his face, made by an almost fatal attack that resulted in the loss of his left eye, which he keeps covered with a scarf tied loosely around the injury.

Revel behaves with the personality of a rogue: one who comes off as rude and severely lacking in basic etiquette. A very blunt individual, he is one who is not afraid to speak whatever is on his mind or what/who bothers him, and also equally unafraid in backing up what he says through action, as he is no stranger to brawls or conflicting interests of opinion.

However, despite these what some may call flaws in character, he is mostly a reserved individual. He is not one to seek trouble, nor one to start a fight; though he’d have no trouble at all in finishing it. He mostly always keeps to himself, travelling alone throughout the realm away from the company of others, which is something he very much prefers and tries his utmost to keep.

He is also not fond of cities or other large settlements, keeping well away from them unless he is in need of a bed or supplies. In contrast, he much prefers the wilderness and outdoors, spending more than half of his time traversing and exploring the realm, even making camp throughout the night despite the obvious dangers of wild beasts and nature itself. Indeed, with this mindset and way of living, one may find it fitting to compare the Mi’qote to a stray or hick.

Despite the way he portrays himself, however, there is more to Revel than he lets on. He is capable of basic mannerisms and even being courteous, though he reserves such behavior when he deems it fitting. He is an individual that retains a code, with a preference in keeping to his word as opposed to breaking it, whether in good or ill-intent; something which isn’t akin to those of his ilk.

This doesn't mean he is above lying and cheating however, as he will do so with little hesitation. To those who earns his trust, through either actions or friendship, he is fiercely loyal to, and will go to great lengths to help them, even if it means compromising himself. To those who earn his ire, he has utter disdain towards, showing a vindictive streak resulting in either their humiliation, their defeat, their death, or in some cases, all of the above.

His mother, a harlot, who ran away from her tribe and sold her body for money, and his father, a bastard that remains unknown to him even to this day, Revel was something of a stranger to familial love. He was raised in the Brume of Ishgard by his late mother, whom under her care and those who visited her for her services, he was abused both physically and verbally. This continued until she fell afoul of a nobleman, who accused her of concerting with heretics(though in truth she refused to have sex with him), resulting in her incarceration and eventual death, and him placed on the streets, where he learned to fend for himself. He was eventually forced to flee Coerthas after an altercation with a group of children under the noble houses, and found refuge in the Black Shroud, where he was taken in by a group of outlaws who poached and robbed for their living. He remained in their care for several years, until a skirmish between themselves, the Twin Adder, and another rival gang left the group massacred and he the only survivor. Fleeing Eorzea, his travels led him overseas, to regions like Doma and Ilsabard, where he found work as a bounty hunter and mercenary. Revel has only recently returned to Eorzea, his face now unrecognizable to most, seeking work along with information pertaining to the events that left his former gang in tatters.

• All the information on here is only known OOC, not IC
• Lore Flexibility: Prefer to stick to the lore whenever possible but have no issues with being flexible with one’s creativity so long as it makes sense and fits into the setting.
• RP Limits: No perma-deaths, no god-modding. Injuries, imprisonment, or anything else that could have longstanding consequences can and needs to be discussed OOC.
• RP Type: Somewhere between mid and heavy. Love immersing myself in my character(s) and interacting with the world and others, but real-life responsibilities limit my time.
• Preference: I can RP either IG or on Discord, though I usually prefer the former.
• Tells/Walkups are welcome

• Bounty Hunting: Need someone found? Taken in alive or dead?
• Hunter: Always selling animal corpses and parts for gil, along with the occasional culling of a violent species.
• Black Market: Has been known to affiliate with them, whether for the purpose of looking for work or information
• Outlaw: Despite his recent interest in 'legal' work, Revel was/is first and foremost, an outlaw. Whether it's finding something, smuggling, poaching, or even killing, he has no qualms about such work, so long as the pay is well worth risking his hide for
• Traveler: A vagabond who has seen many places

I've always enjoyed reading and writing stories, which is what made me interested in RPing in the first place; even though I've only been roleplaying for a little over three years now. I've RPed in other games such as WoW, SWTOR, ESO, GW2, and FFXIV. I live in the EST time zone and am usually available for RP anytime between 12pm and 2am( unless I'm working). Feel free to contact me IG or on discords and hope to make memorable events and stories with you all!